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“Achta Limited aims to be the most technically competent, client oriented, well managed and innovative e-banking solutions provider in the world”.

About Achta

We specialise in providing payment solutions and consultancy to banks and corporates.

Achta Ltd, established in 2011 is an innovative and dynamic technology company. We specialise in providing payment solutions and consultancy to banks and corporates. Achta works with a number of best of breed technology partners to assist businesses in successfully implementing banking and payment systems. Our expert team has valuable experience in delivering large-scale projects throughout Europe. We have a unique mix of banking and business knowledge combined with IT expertise. Achta’s clients have access to a superb range of solutions ranging from online and e-banking to SEPA applications.

The key values at Achta are...

  • Honesty and integrity guide all our actions and relationships.
  • Innovation is at the heart of our business.
  • Continuous improvement is always rewarded
  • Exceptional customer care is our number one priority

Company Background

Achta is a Ltd company that has extensive experience in advising corporates on cash management payment solutions and how those solutions can be integrated into their existing business processes and technical architecture. The Northern Ireland based enterprise consists of experienced specialists in the area of bank transaction processing and online payment collections with a regional and international spread. Achta provides secure electronic and online banking concepts to medium to large-sized corporates, and banks.

Our Objectives

Achta’s goal is to help corporates to enhance their relationships with customers and banks by reshaping the handling of payments and collections. It will do this by providing cost-effective and secure payments with richer business information to provide the ultimate reporting and reconciliation functionality.

Achta Concentrates on three core areas of business:

1. Consultancy - payments and collections processing

Payment and collection transactions with banks are complex processes that experience dynamics, triggered by ICT innovations, the online revolution (online/real-time), and regulatory changes (SEPA). Change-requirements from the EU SEPA initiative prove currently to become the driver for change. Achta aims to help corporates improve and reshape their systems to (a) become compliant with SEPA and (b) take benefit of an efficient structuring of e-banking, online innovations and (c) connect it with their related ERP systems efficiently.

2. Tailored solutions

Next to offering expertise in designing and delivering ecommerce and e-banking solutions, Achta offers experienced project management. They provide corporates with an opportunity to renovate, or replace, legacy banking and payment/collections processing with current state of the art solutions. For SEPA Achta can deliver bridging solutions for porting legacy processes into 'SEPA-compliant' solutions.

Combined with our consultancy service we enable corporate clients with a regional network to centralise multi-banking transaction processing via one central solution. This IS a must for corporates that aim to offer real-time banking to their customers in Europe.

3. The current trigger of change is SEPA

SEPA is NOW! SEPA offers Achta a tremendous opportunity for opening dialogue with corporates. Given the February 2012 EU-decision on SEPA, corporate’s Finance and IT departments need to make SEPA one of their top-priorities. Every organisation operating in Euro-Zone needs to upgrade their payment processing and banking infrastructures to handle transactions based on the new SEPA standards.