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Omikron Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1983. Since then, Omikron has become established as a leading and most experienced supplier of Electronic Banking solutions and is active across Europe and beyond.

Omikron develops standard software for banks and their clients. The internationally established Electronic Banking system MultiCash offers solutions for the financial activities of mid to large corporates. On the bank side, the Omikron Communication Platform covers the entire spectrum of national and international Electronic Banking services for all customer segments. Both products support all widespread European standards for Customer-Bank communication and incorporate most European payment formats.

In the international arena, Omikron has built a network of strong and established partners, who work closely with them in launching and supporting their products in each market. With profound expertise in its market, Achta plays an essential role in helping to adapt the products to meet local requirements. Where necessary, we build additional solutions as required locally.

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Stiona Software

Stiona is an IT solutions company specialising in cloud based software. Their strength is in developing innovative applications. Stiona's value comes in producing cutting edge solutions. Stiona has identified Achta as a key partner in helping to promote their cloud based accounting and finance solutions.

Working with clients such as Citibank, HBOS, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Intelligent Finance and AXA, Stiona is more than equipped to deal with any corporate requirements. Our experienced team have decades of experience in delivering and maintaining successful corporate solutions on time and on budget. Stiona offers an unparalleled complete corporate service from conceptual graphics and prototyping to end user testing and maintainance. With an in-house design team Stiona can help you visualize the end product before development begins. With an experienced team of developers we provide industry leading solutions utilizing the latest web development technology.

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