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How can Achta help you with SEPA migration?

We will conduct a detailed Business Impact Analysis on how SEPA will affect your company and identify the activities that need to be undertaken to ensure that your business is SEPA compliant. We will then present these findings to you in a detailed report and define how your organisation can fully exploit SEPA with a migration plan. Our team can implement and co-ordinate all recommended activities. Examples of what support Achta can provide include...

  • Legacy File to SEPA File Conversion service
  • IBAN Conversion Service
  • IBAN Check
  • SEPA Payment File Conversion Service
  • SEPA Readiness Testing
  • SEPA On-boarding
  • Transactional Data Validation

Achta’s SEPA Support Model


Business Impact Analysis

We will review your organisation’s euro payment flows (in and out of your business) so that, with you, we can assess the potential impact of SEPA on your current IT infrastructure, business processes and cash management.

Create SEPA Strategy

Once we understand how SEPA will impact your organisation and have identified the areas where change is required, Achta will devise your specific SEPA strategy and accompanying action plan. This will act as a step-by-step guide to your successful SEPA migration.

Convert Data

We will help you to collect and migrate BICs and IBANs. Achta will put in place processes for the capture of other key data required for conversion services. Ongoing conversion services can be maintained should a longer term renovation of infrastructure be required. We can help you to benefit from SEPA quickly and easily and avoid the costs and disruption of adapting or replacing current procedures and systems.

Implement Change

Achta can make the required changes to internal IT systems to enable a full SEPA compliant environment. Our team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in project management and software development. We can provide teams of developers to help renovate internal IT systems.

Achta also provides a SEPA Readiness Testing. This service allows you to test your SEPA integration without affecting real transactions. Achta can help create and manage test accounts and their associated payment credentials. You can also access developer resources and project managers to assist.

Maintain & Support

Achta can provide solutions to monitor and check ongoing payment data and validate payment data integrity to reduce the risk of payment failure.

For more information on how to become SEPA compliant please contact Achta Ltd on Tel: +44 (0) 2897 565403 or email :