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Get prepared for SEPA

Achta will help you and your business with SEPA migration...

IBAN Validation Service

  • Achta's IBAN Validation will keep payment details correct saving time and money by reducing payment failures.
  • The service validates the structure and reachability of the IBAN.
  • Being exposed as REST based API it easily plugs into ERP, Payment and Accountancy systems.

File Transformation & Enrichment

  • Achta's Transformation & Enrichment service allows you to continue using your legacy payment formats for example Standard18 by converting these files to SEPA XML while enriching with mandatory SEPA data.
  • This service can be provided for SEPA Direct Debits and SEPA Credit Transfers.

Mandate Management

  • Achta's Mandate Management system provides the complete package to manage SEPA Direct Debits in the Cloud.
  • Covering all aspects of the Direct Debit process this service offers a rich set of functionality including variable billing amounts, collection scheduling and customer notification.

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